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Compatible platform: Android 2.2 or later

What's special about Color Ball Lines Extreme?

Color Ball Lines Extreme is an re-invented version of the classic color ball lines game which makes it more fun to play and a better brain exercise for every one. If you are a fan of the classic color ball lines game, you will love the Color Ball Lines Extreme game even more.

If you have never played the classic color ball game, basically you move balls from one position to another so that there are at least five balls of the same color on the same line. These balls will be erased and you will be awarded points. New balls will be randomly placed in each turn. The game goes on until the entire field is filled up.

Color Ball Lines Extreme offers multiple game levels by varying the number of new balls generated in each turn. In fact, it's done by tweaking the probability of generating three balls or four balls in each turn. When the difficult level increases, you are more likely to get four balls in each turn. We have also included a Timed Mode for people who are looking to find out how fast their brain can identify patterns and make quick decisions. In timed mode, the game automatically progresses after 5 seconds even if you don't make a move.

To make the game even more fun to play, we have added a new type of ball called the "Transparent Ball" ()into the game. The transparent ball looks glassy and is able to move between any two spots on the game field even if there is no path between the two spots. It can save the day for you when you are almost ready to give up the game.

To make the game more exciting, we apply the rule of "higher risk, higher return" here. If you erase balls consecutively, the score will be multiplied by the length of the streak. If you erase multiple lines at the same time, you will be awarded an additional free move. The score is also proportional to the square of the number of balls erased. All these rules are introduced to encourage you to erase more balls and more lines in a single shot. Pull off the right moves and you might be lucky to earn 10000+ points in a single turn. If you take the risk without luck on your side, you might see game over screen quicker than you think.

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